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Soka University

Soka University, Japan, was founded by Daisaku Ikeda in Hachioji, Tokyo, in 1971, with the following mission statement:

  • Be the highest seat of learning for humanistic education
  • Be the cradle of a new culture
  • Be a fortress for the peace of humankind

Soka University has a combined enrollment of around 8,000 as of May 2016, including 410 graduate students, as well as 21,000 enrolled in correspondence courses. Some 540 students are enrolled at the two-year Soka Women’s College (dedicated April 1985). Soka University has academic exchange agreements with over 180 universities in 54 countries, and its foreign student exchange program—in which over 500 students from some 50 countries currently participate—ranks among the largest of its kind in Japan. In September 2015, Soka University was named one of Japan’s “Top Global Universities” by the Japanese Ministry of Education.

As with every Soka School, the institution is open to all qualified students without regard to religious affiliation. [www.soka.ac.jp]